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Here is how to attract good energy in your life, mix cinnamon with warm water before praying



In this life we all want good things to come into our lives, problem is as people we do not wanna pay for services or information. Well always thank the person who invented social media, today a traditional healer shared with the people what they can do to remove bad energies from their system and attract Good one. He shared that people need to drink water mixed with cinnamon before kneeling down.


This way they are removing and attracting good energies through a prayer. No need to take days fasting all you can do is cleanse the inside of you then pray for whatever you want to happen in your life. Remember prayer is life when you dedicate your life you will be freed. Life is about risk once you take what is right you will repeat the rewards. Free information is now everywhere it is up to you to tell what is actually right for you.

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