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Here Are Things To Do immediately After Sustaining A Dog Bite Injury To Avoid The Dangerous Effect



If you were bitten by a dog and didn’t treat the wound right away, you could develop septicemia, a life-threatening blood infection. Rabies, which attacks the nervous system, can also be transmitted through a dog bite.

According to Healthline, septicemia, which occurs when an infection spreads through the bloodstream after a sustained dog bite goes untreated, is a serious complication that can be avoided with prompt medical attention. The rabies virus can enter the neurological system by a dog bite.

The illness caused by a dog bite might be fatal if not treated quickly enough. After being bitten by a dog, you should get an injection right once to prevent life-threatening diseases like rabies and septicemia.

Some people don’t take dog bites seriously because they mistakenly believe that dogs really aren’t poisonous.

Some of the stray local dogs we encounter, especially in more rural regions, may not have been vaccinated against rabies. On the other hand, some guard dogs have been vaccinated, but we can’t be confident that the vaccines their veterinarians employed are particularly effective.


Therefore, it is imperative that we take preventative measures to ensure our safety. In this article, I want to briefly discuss three things to do immediately after sustaining a dog bite according to Healthline.

Do not make the common first-aid blunder of not cleaning a wound before treating it. Doing so will aid in avoiding problems.

1. Get some antiseptic soap and quickly wash the wound with it. In the immediate aftermath of the bite, this will help prevent infection.

2. After you’ve washed the wound, an antiseptic like betaine should be applied to kill any germs that may have gotten in. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting rabies and your skin will be protected from any potential infections.

3. Putting on a bandage instead of getting immediate medical attention is a common mistake.

Because of this, the illness may even deteriorate more. No bandaging of dog bite wounds should be done without first consulting a medical professional. After you’ve cleaned it with antiseptic and water, you can just leave it open.

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