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Here Are The Caution Signs And Symptoms That Your Heart Does Not Work Very Well



In today’s environment, many people have no idea if their hearts are healthy. The heart’s ability to pump blood and supply that blood to the rest of the body is well known.

There is little hope for survival if the heart stops pumping because that indicates the body is progressively dying.

1. Aching or ache in your chest is something you’re experiencing.

It’s a red flag when someone experiences chest pain for an extended period of time. Mainly the left side of your chest is affected. Such discomfort indicates your heart is not in good shape and is a symptom of impending respiratory failure.


If you have been experiencing this symptom for longer than 5 days, you should seek medical attention.

2. Every time I talk, I have to cough.

Constant coughing is never a healthy indicator of health. It’s a sign of serious health problems. A persistent cough, even in warm weather, may be an early warning sign of cardiovascular disease.

When your heart is in danger or not functioning properly, this illness will manifest, and you will feel awful. Frequent, persistent coughing is never a good sign. It could be due to dangerously low or absent air flow through your lungs.


3. My lower leg is puffy.

It’s possible that some people in Africa or Nigeria have this sign, but they wouldn’t know to seek medical attention until they began blaming village members or believing it was juju because they couldn’t afford it.

A swelling leg is another symptom of a malfunctioning heart. Swollen legs are a symptom of either heart disease or kidney failure, with the former indicating that the patient’s heart is failing to pump enough blood to the body’s veins and other organs.

If this occurs, the tissues around you will begin to atrophy or deteriorate. When this happens, you’ll start to see an increase in the amount of fat around your legs.


4. Lacking appetite or feeling sick prevents you from eating.

I simply explain the following step when someone recognizes all of these indicators. Loss of appetite is a common side effect. At this point in your evolution as a person, you probably won’t be able to maintain your previous eating habits due to a diminished appreciation for food. I suggest you see your doctor for some basic checks.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray that none of you who are reading this will ever suffer from a life-threatening illness like cancer or kidney failure.

In the future, I will be posting more reliable and up-to-date articles about health and relationships, so please follow me.


I appreciate you taking the time to read this. Have a blessed day.

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