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Here Are The 3 obvious signs your partner might be cheating on you



Infidelity is a dealbreaker for most people and it makes sense why. When someone decides to step out and act in a disloyal fashion, it may not be obvious to you, but the signs are there. You may need to re-evaluate your situation and decide how you want to proceed.

Here are 3 signs your partner may be cheating.

3. They accuse you of cheating

It is a reflection of their own guilty conscience. They want to pretend that they are above cheating since they are accusing you. This is dishonest and if your partner does this, it’s time think twice. They may be cheating and projecting that onto you.

2. They have new moves in the bedroom

Being experimental is all good and well but if your partner is trying new things in the bedroom they may have learned it from someone else. Even if it is only their kiss that has changed, it still means something is wrong. It is always the most obvious clues that point to a huge issue.

1. They can’t stop being critical of you all of a sudden

You can no longer to anything right in their eyes. They used to compliment you, but now you feel like even your breathing might annoy them. Its not you, its them. They need your relationship to be imperfect to justify what they are doing to you. If the relationship is good then they have no real reason to step out.

You can read more of these signs in the source attached below and try to see if they apply to you!

Have you ever caught a cheating partner? Let me know in the comments…💬

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