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“He Think Say the Baby Na Handkerchief”: A video of a Nigerian man dancing excitedly in church with his newborn baby has cracked up a lot of people



  • A video of a Nigerian man dancing excitedly in church with his newborn baby has cracked up a lot of people
  • It was the day of his newborn baby’s dedication at the church and he showed off his crazy dance moves
  • However, he started going too far with the dancing and some women in the church had to take away the child

In Christian families, whenever there is a new birth, the family usually goes for a thanksgiving/dedication of the newborn in church.

A Nigerian man expressed his emotions about his newborn in an explosive dance at the altar.

Dad dances with baby in church
Dad dances with baby in church Photo Credit: @officialblessinggold12
Source: TikTok

His wife had given birth to a newborn baby and they were in church for the thanksgiving/dedication.

While dancing to the altar (as is customary in most Nigerian churches), he held the newborn and danced with so much energy.


He started gently before he entered the ‘zone’ and began dancing with all his might and energy whilst almost using the baby as a dancing prop.

This seemed dangerous for the baby as he seemed to have forgotten himself momentarily in his happy moment.

Luckily, some attentive women rushed at him to caution him and take away the baby as it could be detrimental to the child.

Social media reactions

@qveenmims wrote:

“The man think say na handkerchief he hold for hand.”

@miley_uba wrote:

“Who else was scared for the baby???”

@aliyah50j commented:

“Oga dance like David danced you guys won’t understand until you wear his shoes, my own go pass this one self it’s been 8 yrs we’ve been waiting on God.”

@dennis reacted:

“Who else noticed what the wife was doing? Which kind dance be that?”

@moongoddess81 said:

“Na so I wan carry my sister triplets dance on their dedication..Make una come help me dance ooo,Waiting for 14years no be small thing.”

@cynkels_art wrote:

“Did you see when those women had to call him to order because of the baby.”

@fheyi3285 commented:

“I trust myself I go don run collect my pikin.”

@rachygolden wrote:

“I no sure say Abraham dance like this when him get Isaac.”

@tinaigan3 wrote:

“When your village people say you can’t have a child of your own and God finally bless you with one.”

@mabeks4 commented:

“Make dem collect d baby oooh bf e turn super story.”

@ladyq237 commented:

“Dads and their own way of handling their kids.. it’s scary.”

@lorlarpearl wrote:

“Yoh know wetin this man eye don see for pregnancy period na he make this man dance like this like victory at last.

@lolly.choko said:

“Na first child Make dem collect d baby oooh bf e turn super story.”

@blinxlivinus1 wrote:

“E b like say no be him get that child they force him to accept the pregnancy this one wey oga the dance with person nine months ly this.”

@user76675527672616 commented:

“Hope he knows what he is carrying.”

@lilybaby206 wrote:

“Nobody will hand my baby lik dat o.”

@prettymunaj said:

“Abeg make Una collect the baby from him biko.”

@cindysdripcindy said:

“Fire dancer.”

@user1236374693320 commented:

“I need the know the exact song that made this man dance like this.”

@babypukus wrote:

“I just had to rush down here O the man forget say na human being dey he hand.”

Watch the video below:


♬ original sound – Hassanajeboh

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