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“Harry Kane could be a dream signing for Manchester United” Gary Neville names the big signing who’d take Manchester United to the title



Manchester United legend Gary Neville has suggested that the big-money signing of Harry Kane would all but guarantee the club Premier League title next season.

The Red Devils could do with signing an out-and-out centre-forward to take the pressure off Marcus Rashford, who is currently the team’s main goal threat from the left-hand side.

Neville is clearly a big fan of Kane, saying he guarantees 30 goals a season and double figures for assists, and would surely fire Man Utd to the title, even though he wouldn’t be a long-term signing because of his age.

There would also be risks due to his price tag, but, like the signing of Casemiro, it could be worth it due to the huge impact he’d have straight away at Old Trafford, even if Erik ten Hag seems to prefer building around younger players for the future.

Harry Kane could be a dream signing for Manchester United

“You know something, I’ve worked with him and you watch him. He will score 30 goals, he will get 10-15 assists, and that is an absolute fact,” Kane said on The Overlap on YouTube.

“He’s a professional, the dressing room will love him, he’ll fit in straight away and he’s a guarantee for Manchester United. But if he’s going to cost £150million and he’s 30, then it’s a short-lived [signing].

“So I think Harry Kane is the type of player who could take you to the title, he is, because he would just connect the whole of the midfield, the top of the pitch, he’ll score goals, the fans will love him, the players will love him and I don’t see how you can go wrong with him.

“But the fact of the matter is, for the long term, it wouldn’t be something that worked. He’s got another five years left in his career by the way, so I don’t think there’s a problem with that, it’s just that he is, obviously, in the latter part of his career.”

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