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Habits That Gradually Damage Your Kidneys



Every day, the kidneys perform important regulatory work in the human body. According to healthline, they produce hormones that help regulate blood pressure, red blood cells and keep bones strong. Needless to say, their condition is important for human health. Find out in this article the bad habits that destroy your kidneys.

Poor water intake in the body

Thanks to the water in the body, the kidneys filter the blood and at the same time eliminate toxins from the human body. When you don’t drink enough water, the work of the kidneys is undermined and waste accumulates in your body.

Excessive salt intake

Sodium is one of the elements that the human body needs to function normally. It is present in salt. But beware of excessive consumption, it increases blood pressure, which means more work for the kidneys that will eventually stress them.

Retention of urine in the bladder

Everyone has held urine at least once. This is a dangerous action for the kidneys and should be avoided as much as possible. When urine retention is done on a regular basis, the pressure increases and this can lead to kidney failure.

Excessive consumption of animal proteins

Excessive consumption of animal protein increases the metabolic load on an individual’s kidneys. The more protein a person consumes, the harder the kidneys work, which can lead to kidney damage.

Sleep deprivation

Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to a number of health problems, including kidney problems. During sleep, the human body works to repair damaged kidney tissue. Therefore, depriving the body of sleep makes it more difficult to heal

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