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Guys: 7 Important Reasons Why You Should Not Date A Married Woman



Dating somebody’s wife has its own effects which I felt it good to take you through them.

1. You are not in her plans.

They will only use you for enjoyment but she will not have an important thing to do with you. This is because she has a family already and she need to plan for her kids and lovely husband too. She will take you just as her back up.

2. She won’t separate from her husband.

This woman has a man who has married her and they have already established a family. She made a decision to be married by the man because she loved him. Therefore their is no way she will leave her husband for somebody else. In case they have kids the it will be more difficult to separate them. So just leave married women with their husbands.

3. You will not be happy if it’s on your part.

You are dating some bodies wife and you are really comfortable that you are doing a good think. Remember you are also a man and you won’t feel happy if somebody does the same to your wife. You will get angry and your may separate from her. If you cannot allow the same to your wife, why then date someone’s lover.

4.She will not develope you


Put in mind that this women are already occupied. Therefore the more you date her the more your life will remain the same. You will not be able to develope yourself since you cannot plan something progressive with this woman.

5. You remain lonely all the time.

While you love this married women, you will not spend the whole time with you because she has a family to take care of. She will not be there when you need he since she has to create her own time. This leaves you in a lonely state always and you will never enjoy you love life.

6. It will end in tears

Remember as you do this there are people who are on the watch. You do it as a secret thinking no one will be aware but when things go bad, you will never be a happy man. Therefore falling in love with a married woman only last for a short period and the ending is always disappointing.

7. She will still cheat on you too.

You expect her to be faithful to you despite having a husband but remember she is cheating on him with you. So this clearly shows that she will get in love with another man apart from you.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comment box too. Share widely to safe another man somewhere.

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