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“Give Me $5”: Oyinbo Pranks Nigerian Man, Gives Him New Mac Laptop, Tells Him to Pay in Bits



  • A young Nigerian man studying abroad was surprised when a stranger approached him in a prank video with a new Mac laptop
  • The stranger got the Nigerian student in total disbelief when he asked him to pay just $5 for the new laptop
  • Many people who watched the video said they could easily tell the black man was a Nigerian from his accent


A content creator popularly known as That Was Epic, who goes around to bless strangers, had an encounter with a Nigerian student in one of his videos.

In the video, he saw a young man sitting and asked to join him. The Nigerian man said that he was in a virtual class.

Macbook laptop gift/Nigerian got a new PC.
The Nigerian was surprised by the amount he was asked to pay. Photo source: @thatwasepic.shorts
Source: TikTok

Nigerian student gifted Apple laptop

After asking him why he was using a school computer and not his, the man brought out a new Macbook, telling the young man he was willing to sell.


The Nigerian, before knowing the price, asked if he could make the payment in installments. When he was told all he needed was just $5 (N2,302.50) to own the Apple laptop, he was surprised.

To shock him more, the man dropped the price to $3 and 50 cents (N1,611.75). He couldn’t believe it. After paying for the laptop, he was told it was just a prank and the laptop was a gift to help his study.

Watch the video below:


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We compiled some of the reactions below:

OluwatosinOffical said:

“The accent is a big giveaway… I instantly knew he was Nigerian.”

puritydolce said:

“On behalf of all Nigerians, we say thankyou man.”

Movie Reviews said:

“He’s a Nigeria truly, he switched to business and asking for the profit value.”


“Baba don dey strategize four containers for upper iweka.”

Biggcee said:

“As a Nigerian I bet he was thinking how he will contact his rich family member of a business opportunity importing MacBook 5 dollars & sell $1k.”

Verifiedbot said:

“Igbo guy he enter business mode.”

Great_israel said:

“Baba done dey calculate how he go dey import am.”

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