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“Future Soldier”: Chubby Toddler with Fat Cheeks Dances and Spins with Energy, Video Stirs Reactions



  • A video shared via Instagram shows the moment a toddler decided to display his dance skills at home
  • In a heartwarming clip, the little child danced happily and even spun around while being recorded
  • Mixed reactions have however trailed the video as some netizens were more concerned about his body size

A trending video of a cute chubby toddler dancing at home has caused a huge stir on social media.

In the video posted on Instagram, the toddler was spotted spinning hilariously as his mother recorded the moment.

Chubby little child dances
Chubby little child dances Photo Credit: @naturelifeok
Source: Instagram

However, some netizens did not find the video funny as some advised that the child be given immediate medical attention.

Others however maintained that dancing was an exercise which was capable of building his body.


Social media reactions @juanelhinzophx wrote:

“Hopefully this wonderful child gets the right attention and gets healthy.”

@tankermarc1195_ said:

“Please get this little man some help.”

@tanya.morris.3994885 commented:

“This is not cute or funny please help him or her.”

@aaronsimutis wrote:

“Only exercise bro ever done.”

@guylian.can said:

“Stop being sad for this baby, this is a funny video. You should laugh instead of cry.”

@nat.fawccet commented:

“I just hope it’s a health problem that makes him look that way and not because of his parents’ carelessness or because they like how he looks and thinks he does to cause laughter in the videos.”

Watch the video below:

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