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Far From Home actor, Frank left stunned over what a fan did to him at the mall




Promising Nigerian actor, Emeka Nwagbaraocha, has been left stunned over what a fan did to him at the mall.

Sharing the pleasant experience, the actor popularly known as Frank in the Netflix series, Far From Home said a fan met him at a shopping mall and paid for his groceries.

Emeka said the person was kind enough to pay simply because of his role on the Nigerian TV series.

He said he was too stunned to make a comment when the fan paid. He, however, expressed gratitude on Twitter while recounting what happened. He tweeted:

”Someone paid for my groceries at the mall today because of Far from home. I was too stunned to say anything. I love you guys So much.”

Far From Home is a Netflix series following the life of a troubled teenager who finds himself in the world of luxury after winning a prestigious scholarship to an exclusive school. He would do anything to make it.


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