“Even the Devil Cannot Stop Our Love”: Nigerian Lady Leaks Messages She Received from Boyfriend’s Ex, People React

  • A Nigerian lady, Cheryl, has gone viral on social media after sharing screenshots of the messages
  • From the screenshots shared on TikTok, the raging lady warned her rival to leave her boyfriend alone
  • The furious lady hurled insults at her while maintaining that she would never let anyone take her man

A Nigerian lady, Cheryl, has exposed the messages she received from her boyfriend’s former lover.

She shared the messages via TikTok and threw shades at the young girl for being obsessed.

Lady leaks chats with boyfriend's ex
Lady leaks chats with boyfriend’s ex Photo credit: @cheryll_xx
Source: TikTok

While sharing the messages, the lady noted that she took over the man and they have been dating for about 25 months.

Despite being warned by the lady to leave her man, the lady fired back and asked her to move on with her life because she has been forgotten.


Social media reactions

@veectry said:

“I won’t even reply I will keep you hanging.”

@jinaoflagos stated:

“Honestly, I would have ended the conversation at “huh” because it can’t be me you’re talking to like that.”

@ovy_lilqueen said:

“I can’t wait to do this. I dy wait make e reach 2yrs first. lmao.”

@renana_love commented:

“lol both of you are childish sef so from the chats you showed you already called her to ask a “rhetorical question” and she decided to answer you.”

@sun108shine added:

“And you think he’s not playing you? Dey play. Cheap men like this will do it over and over again so you’re not special.”

Watch the video below:

Lady leaks messages bestie sent to her husband

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