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European Match: UEFA Bans PSV Eindhoven From Selling Tickets, Other Matters




UEFA has banned PSV Eindhoven from selling tickets for its upcoming European away game after problems with fans during last weekend’s Europa League match against Arsenal. Football fans who are finding the meaning of under 2.5 are surprised by this development.


UEFA announced it this Thursday, hours before the two teams meet in the second leg in the Netherlands.


The Dutch team will then visit Bodø/Norway Glimt on November 3. PS Eindhoven was also fined $40,000 for “throwing objects, disturbing the crowd and causing damage”.


You will need to contact Arsenal within 30 days to settle any damage caused by your supporters to the ‘damaged seats’.


The Dutch team lost 0-1 in London last week in a match that was rescheduled due to the death of the British queen in September.


PSV Eindhoven will be confirmed first and second in Group A if they avoid defeat later on Thursday and lose Bodø/Glimt to Zurich, or if they win and Bodow/Glimt draw.


Antonio Conte


Similarly, Antonio Conte’s frustration will be heightened by the expected suspension of the Tottenham manager for next week’s crucial UEFA Champions League match in Marseille.


Italian referee Danny Makele was sent off in the closing stages of Wednesday’s 1-1 draw at home against Sporting Lisbon.


His insult was his protest against the decision to reject Harry Kane’s stoppage time strike.


A red card shown to a referee during a UEFA competition will be automatically suspended for one match.


But Conte will not only miss the bench in Marseille, as Tottenham need a draw to qualify for the round of 16.


He cannot contact his players before or during a match at the Stade Velodrome and must be seated in the stands.


Article 69 of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations states: “A team manager/coach or any other team official who has been dismissed or suspended from the performance of his duties may not be in the technical room or communicate directly with the team players .


In addition, a team manager/coach or other team official who has been suspended from the performance of their duties will not be permitted to enter the locker room or tunnel before or during the game.


Conte could be handed another penalty if the referee hands McClei the match report for the fourth set.


With Kane’s goal disallowed, the clash between Tottenham and Sporting ended 1-1, meaning all the teams in the group could still qualify for the Round of 16.


Conte was still furious when he spoke after that, and UEFA could also investigate his comments after the match.


During his brief press conference, the 53-year-old accused VAR of being dishonest and causing “major damage”.


He insisted that Kane’s goal would not have been canceled if it hadn’t been for a “great team in a big game”, before walking off after just one question.


No Match Outside Europe



Media reports surfaced last week that UEFA’s Executive Committee was exploring the possibilities of hosting high-level group stage matches on neutral grounds such as the US, China and the Middle East.


These proposals stem from a dramatic renewal of the league from 2024, with the group stage being replaced by the league format.


But plans to continue with matches are nonsense, according to Sereven, who rejected such suggestions during a press conference on Wednesday. 

“With all due respect to the media, it’s impossible to imagine what kind of news could be published,” he said. “We never discussed this.


But suddenly we can read in some media that this is going to happen, although it is never talked about. Go and ask UEFA directly.

“I’ll know if there’s any discussion about playing Champions League matches outside Europe, and I don’t know about it.”


Real Madrid are the reigning champions of the UEFA Champions League after beating Liverpool 1-0 at the end of last season.


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