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Drivers With Uber, Bolt, Others Lament Suffering, Losses Over Scarcity, Hike In Fuel Price Across Nigeria




Some professional drivers in Nigeria have cried out in the heat of the fuel scarcity.

The drivers under the umbrella of the Professional E-Hailing Drivers and Private Owners Association (PEDPA) lamented that the current scarcity and hike in the price of fuel in the country have subjected them to untold suffering and losses.

Uber, Bolt, InDriver, Lagos Ride are some of the e-hailing taxis or ride-hailing services in Nigeria.

The leadership of PEDPA on Wednesday in a statement issued by Idris Shonuga Oluwaseun, lamented the incessant hikes in the price of petrol, saying it is seriously concerned and disturbed about the fuel scarcity.

According to the association, the current situation has presented a condition in which transporters are finding it hard to make ends meet.

“One, people have decided to travel or move less because of the scarcity knowing fully well that prices would go higher. Also, transporters spend so much money to get petrol, and most depend on the black market and long queues. You even have to tip to get enough,” he said.

The statement added that “PEDPAN as a responsible association fronting for E-hailing Drivers in Nigeria cannot afford to sit idle and watch her able-bodied members go through these heavy pains”.

It continued, “More worrisome is the fact that the e-Hailing app companies’ fares remained the same after a long hour queue without a collective bargaining agreement for the conditions of workers for e-hailing drivers due to the sudden nature of the increments and scarcity.

“On the basis of the above, the union appeals to e-Hailing app companies to immediately adjust to the current status quo. We call on the Petroleum Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPRA) to immediately wade into action and stop the illegal and immoral hoarding of petrol and some other essential crude oil.

“We want to call on the government to immediately review the failing policies on petroleum. The need for refineries to be working cannot be overemphasized. This will help in leaving the strangleholds of the marketers who are wont to hoard and increase petrol, kerosene, and diesel prices at will!

“We share solidarity with all e-hailing drivers and let them know that the union will keep doing all its best to keep the sanctity of the sector and ultimately the welfare and progress of drivers and partners!”


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