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Do These 5 Things Before Praying, If You Want God To Answer Your Prayers.



Prayer is fundamental to the life of a Christian. Prayer is an ongoing practice for Christians. God hears and answers to people’s prayers in one of two ways. Because of the way that we conduct ourselves, God does not always answer our requests. You pray to God for help, but you haven’t been obeying the requirements he’s set down. You come to realize that the issue has not been resolved. While you are praying, continue to do the following: Before beginning your prayers, read the scripture. The Bible urges us to “dwell richly in ourselves” by allowing the word of the Lord to do so. Before you begin praying, read the Bible to educate yourself on how to pray and what to say. Therefore, reading the Bible is really necessary. It is really important.


2. Get the better of your phobias. Get some rest before you start praying. This will help you concentrate better.

3. Determine if you are capable of forgiving others. Whenever you pray to the Lord, you should always begin by asking him to forgive your sins. If you haven’t forgiven those who have wronged you, then God won’t either. Before you pray, you should ask forgiveness from God and let go of all the wounds and resentments you have.


4. Clearing your thoughts before prayer can help reduce the number of times you are interrupted. When fasting, it is essential to stay away from meals that are tempting. Turn off the radio, the television, and any other gadgets that could tempt you. Turning off your phone will allow you to devote more of your attention to God.

5. The periodic abstinence from food requires the sacrifice of flesh. It could be tough to exert control over your body. You are not crucifying your flesh when you come to the realization that your physical self has taken command of your mental state. When you come before the Lord, regardless of whether or not you have been fasting, you are going to experience a wide range of feelings. As a direct consequence of this, your spiritual development will advance.


Consider the following in order to strengthen your confidence and persuade God that he is listening to your requests. Some individuals have an uncontrollable need to pray to the Lord. Given that He is holy, it is necessary for anybody who approaches Him to likewise be holy.



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