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“Correct Igbo Chick”: Fine Little Girl in Ankara Gown Shows Off Native Dance Skills, Video Trends



  • A trending video of a little girl in an Ankara gown dancing to a song has gone viral on popular app, TikTok
  • In the lovely clip, she was dressed in a long Ankara gown while dancing and showing off her moves in the sitting room
  • The cute girl was able to pull off the exact dance steps and facial expressions usually associated with the beat

Kids of these days are gradually learning faster than the previous generation.

Children are now pulling off some activities that adults didn’t even do when they were still kids.

Little girl shows off dance moves

Little girl shows off dance moves Photo Credit: @tymise2 Source: TikTok

Up till now, some adults would definitely find it hard to dance even if their lives depended on it, but children of these days have shown great talent in dancing whether for competitions or casually.

In this video, a little girl in an Ankara gown showcased her skills with energetic steps and rhythm.


She danced with a smile on her face and people gushed over her energy and vibes.

Social media reactions

@adeyemiadesewa713 commented:

“I watch it more than ten times , see my life ,I can’t even dance what she is dancing.”

@oladunni620 wrote:

“The girl sabi shake yansh pass me.”

@kweenthechanter said:

“E for energy, V for vibes.”

@sappy11 commented:

“Upcoming TikToker.”

@oluwaseyitantemil said:

“Wow I love her so much.”

@dolapoakinola1 said:

“She is too good.”

@ifeajunaprecious said:

“I watch more than 100timesos I love u dear ur dancing steps are amazing keep it up dear.”

@eyinloju_eledunmare wrote:

“Who watch more than 10times?”

@cme_olami commented:

“Wahoo,she supposed to win the challenge o.”

@tommygold15 wrote:

“I can’t even dance to save a soul. I’m highly disappointed in myself I watch this video more than 20times.”

@keji803 commented:

“I dance like this in my dream.”

@farrymus1 commented:

“Wow,haa. God what am i? d girl sabi pass me.”

@omolabakheporshsolaty said:

“I guess dis girl is kiekie’s daughter she resemble her like.”

@christianaajala93 said:

“Wow i love it one video for me again.”

@ohluremmy said:

“My waist go break if I emulate her lasan.”

@herwelewa wrote:

“I loof her dancing step.”

@lulifiedbaby3 wrote:

“This girl can twerk ooo.”

@shabbycoll wrote:

“This generation ain’t playing believe me. Well done sweetheart.”

Watch the video below:


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