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Check out why Dead bodies are buried six feet under the ground.



Certain events and occurrences in our community are extremely frequent, but we tend to shrug them off as normal. We may have all witnessed grave digging personally, as many of us have likely attended funerals. If that’s the case, then show of hands please. People all across the world do it, hence some argue that it constitutes an international culture. Do you know why most people choose to bury their loved ones at a depth of about two meters (six feet) below ground level? I’m going to tell you some of the reasons why people are buried under a yard of earth today, in case you haven’t heard them before. Don’t stop reading if you haven’t already heard them!

1. Because of this, there is no longer any danger of the casket being carried downstream by the river.

This is one of the main justifications for the common practice of burying human remains at a depth of six feet or more below the surface. At times, we get a lot of rain all at once, and that can be bad for the soil because it can erode over time. There is a risk that the casket will be washed away by the moving water if the body of the deceased is buried more than three feet below ground level. Further excavation of the cemetery would ensure that water cannot wash away the casket.


2. As a result, contagious diseases are less likely to be shared from person to person.

There is a wide variety of infectious diseases that can be spread from one person to another, posing a significant risk to human health. For instance, the coronavirus and

pneumonic plague. Burying the sick carcass at least six feet underground will prevent other animals from digging it up and introducing the disease into their environment. In this way, the disease cannot spread to other animals.

3. it eliminates the possibility of the casket being stolen.

Still another important factor contributing to the custom of burying the dead at a depth of six feet is the fact that this is the standard. Some people in this society will never leave a grave without stealing the casket and putting it to their own evil use. These people never, ever, ever go to their graves without doing that. Deeper burials make it more difficult for thieves to access the deceased, reducing the number of times they are taken.

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