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Changes That Takes Place In The Body System When A Person Stops Smoking



Smoking is linked to a variety of unfavorable effects. A person’s life expectancy decreases the more they smoke, but if they stop, their health improves dramatically.

This piece follows a Mayo Clinic publication that looked at the immediate health consequences of giving up tobacco use. Here, you can sit back and absorb some new information at your own pace.

Is there any data on the quick health improvements that come from giving up cigarettes?

When a person stops smoking, their heart rate and blood pressure immediately begin to normalize within only 20 minutes. The beneficial effects ought to start showing up within that time range.

It takes about three months for the body’s blood flow and lung function to fully recover from smoking cessation. The healing process begins as soon as you put down the cigarette.

The third benefit is that your risk of cardiovascular disease will decrease by half within a year if you quit smoking. What this means is that within a year of giving up cigarettes, you will feel as though time has stood still again. The risk of cardiovascular disease and other health problems rises the longer one smokes.

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