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Chainsaw man 119 reddit chapter leaked, Leaks and Spoilers + Raw Scans



Japanese manga series Chainsaw Man was written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The story follows Denji, a poor young man who makes a pact with a dog-like devil named Pochita. As a result of the pact, Denji merges with Pochita, granting him the ability to transform parts of his body into chainsaws. A Chainsaw Man anime TV show ended a few weeks ago. A second season is expected to come out later this year. But we’re focusing on the ongoing manga right now, since the upcoming chapter 119 will be released this week.

The Chainsaw Man Chapter 119 spoilers and full plot were leaked.

In addition to the Chain Saw Man Chapter 119, below are significant spoilers for the title “Thief.” You can check out the panels in a few hours if you choose. Alternatively, you can just enjoy these leaked documents.

Denji begins by asking Asa not to open any other doors besides his. He then clarified the rules, stating opening any doors would result in instant death. Asa states that it’s common sense and begs Denji to stop being ridiculous. They remove their shoes as they enter his home and Asa observes his room, which contains a FART chart of him and Nayuta. Next, he declares Rule 2, which states that one shouldn’t open his refrigerator.

It’s common sense to Asa that opening other people’s refrigerators is a bad idea. Denji then states the third rule that he considers important in his opinion. He states that Nayuta’s roommate, who is out walking dogs, should be protected from Asa’s inappropriate advances. Denji knows that yelling that he knows isn’t the right approach to solving a problem, but he says it might be necessary for one reason or another. Asa yells back at him, saying she doesn’t like Denji and dislikes him. Asa then wants to state that she doesn’t like her role as Denji’s therapist, but instead dislikes him.

Chainsaw Man 119 continues as Asa states that Denji’s house rules inspired her own. Disobeying her rules results in an instant death, he says, because she needed a distraction from a date with him. Asa claims that his presence spurs her to leave when the movie ends. Asa watches the movie with a scowl on her face as she thinks Denji is an unpleasant person. They feel like tools to Asa and start wondering what they did wrong. Denji believes he stinks and that Asa doesn’t find him attractive despite her earlier acceptance of him.

Denji looks on with apprehension as Asa, the yokai-human hybrid, approaches him. Asa places his lips onto Denji’s, but the latter reddens in embarrassment. However, it appears that Yoru has other plans in mind. When her hand once again fells on his head, she prepared him for a metamorphosis into an undead assassin. At this point, Nayuta reenters the frame and resumes her daily stroll. After Nayuta shoots a chain through Yoru’s forehead, the chapter ends. Without knowing if Yoru would survive, fans wonder why Nayuta called Yoru a thief.

Check out this next link to read the entire chapter as it’s released. This should ensure you’re the first to learn about upcoming events in the manga. Additionally, keep up with Chainsaw Man weekly by following it from now on.

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