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Can couples really get stuck together during sex?



The issue of getting stuck during the act is one of the most embarrassing encounters a couple or even an individual one can imagine or even come across with. In African continent, the issue of getting stuck has been highly associated with witchcraft which is not actually its real cause. Contrary to this belief of witchcraft, getting stuck while on the action is total science which is caused by a medical condition.


This medical condition is known as Vaginismus which involves a muscle spasm in the pelvic floor muscles. According to reports, vaginismus can at times make it impossible for one to engage in a sexual activity.


Vaginismus condition is not common to many people and those who are affected belongs to the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle group. The pubococcygeus muscles are responsible for intercourse, orgasm, childbirth, urination abd also bowel movements.

This Vaginismus medical condition is also associated with the voluntarily or even persistently contraction of a woman kegel’s muscles which locks the male organ leading to the embarrassing encounter of getting stuck while on the act. So if the woman kegel’s muscles persistently contracts during the act, it locks the male organ leading to those involved getting stuck.


Members of the public are highly advised not to panic if they find themselves in such a condition. Panic results to a longer stucking time and this is why many cheating couples are the ones that mostly get caught. Reports have it that even married couples having this condition also get stuck, but it’s due to their calmness and no panicking that allows a voluntarily expansion of the woman kegel’s muscles and thus no third party will ever know about it.

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