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Can Consumption Of Sugarcane Cause High Blood Sugar And Worsen Diabetes?



Sugar is extracted from sugarcane, a tropical grass grown in various parts of the world. As it grows naturally here, we can easily get our hands on some whenever we want a tasty and filling bite to eat, and we can always find some. But the question remains, is excessive consumption safe for diabetics?

In response to a recent article published on WebMD, the goal of this paper is to address the question of whether or not eating too much sugarcane can exacerbate blood sugar-related diseases like diabetes. Enjoy reading this content at your own pace, and use the time to learn something new.

How Can Sugarcane Impact Those with Diabetes?

According to healthline Patients with diabetes are often advised to avoid refined sugar in favor of sugarcane derivatives like molasses because it improves insulin sensitivity.

You may claim that sugarcane is harmless to the body because it is a natural product. Yet that’s not entirely true. Consuming sugarcane or sugarcane tea, despite probable health benefits, is commonly considered to be one of the worst choices a person with diabetes can make. Because sugarcane has been demonstrated to cause a rapid increase in blood sugar, this is the case. Hence, diabetics should never regularly ingest sugarcane or its tea. If you have to take medication, try to cut back on how often you do so that you don’t develop a dependency.

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