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“Brilliant girl”: Kid answers maths question in seconds without calculator after 1hr of training



  • A little kid who displayed great knowledge of Abacus neuroscience mathematics has been massively praised online
  • The girl jabbed at air furtively as she processed numbers her tutor reeled out to her for immediate calculations
  • Many TikTokers who reacted to her video said that they can such calculations despite their advanced age


A teacher posted a video of a little girl she trained in a subject he called Abacus neuroscience mathematics for one hour.

The kid processed a complex mathematical calculation at a great speed without the aide of a calculator.

According to the tutor, the kid could do such after the hourly training. Many were amazed by the kid’s brilliance. As numbers were called out to her at great speed, she did the calculation by making gestures in the air.

Her speedy answer got many social media users wondering how the man was able to train her. Some wanted to know the use of of the lesson to the kid’s brain.

Watch the video below:

Some of the reactions below:


After just training for one hour. call to train your ward to embrace mathematics as friend daily. 0544100663

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Nana Simpe II said:

“Can someone pls explain this to me???? becos eeeeeeeiiiiiiiii.”

The teacher replied:

“It’s abacus neuroscience maths.”

user4925619186855 said:

“Upcoming science and maths quiz contestant.”

samuelselomotimpong said:

“She will complete school and look for a job just like any person. Build her from the beginning about entrepreneurship, solving problems in the society.”

@Grace_love said:

“Very intelligent keep it up baby gal.”

jnr.Paris said:

“The concentration in the child’s eyes is extraordinary…a genius in the making I tell you.”

harrisonwarri said:

“E hold the book for hand.”

musakim said:

“Now i get those signs she’s making, it’s abacus she’s trying to imagine the abacus how it looks like.”

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