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Between Atiku & Wike: Wike Reacts To Atiku Claim That He Would Have Step Down If The G5 Allowed An Igbo To Get The Ticket



The Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike has reacted to the assertion being made by the PDP Flagbearer, Atiku Abubakar that the G5 governor didn’t allow the Igbo to get the party Presidential ticket. Atiku who had claimed that he would have stepped down for an Igbo to get the ticket if the PDP had allowed the region to provide a candidate of their choice. Wike stated that Atiku had deceived the member of the public just to get the support of the Igbos.

He argued that it would have been difficult for the party to zone the ticket after a strategy was put in place by Atiku cronies to deter the South from getting the party ticket. He clarified that in the first place, Atiku should never have contested under the PDP platform. According to him, Atiku and his allies sabotaged the zoning of the ticket to the South.

He said, ”As an elder statesman, what was his view at that time in the party? You see this is what we don’t like and we speak against. He said he would have stepped down but he had set up a strategy which cannot allow the party to zone the ticket. One of the major opponents of zoning is Atiku Abubakar. So him saying he would have stepped down for Igbos to get the ticket, who is he talking to? They intentionally sabotaged. it. 

In 2019, PDP agreed to zone the ticket to the North so that there will be a balance. So all the major contestant from the two major political parties are from one zone. And that was why nobody from the South ran against him, all the candidates were from the North. In 2023, knowing that the APC had stayed for eight years. What ordinarily should be is that the power should go to the South. And therefore the PDP was expected to zone it to the South, we are not talking about President of PDP but President of Nigeria.”

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