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As a Woman: 4 Things to Never Insert Into Your Vag!na



A woman’s private area is one of her body’s most important organs, claims Healthline.

The reproductive system mostly relies on the private area because it is in charge of delivering birth as well as additional functions like urinating and menstruation.


They have a secret side, more so than many people realize nowadays. According to “Everyday Health,” many women are unaware of what is necessary to keep their intimate areas happy and healthy.

Misconceptions about maintaining the health of the private organ abound in today’s society. But to keep your private space healthy, I’ll teach you about four things in this post that, according to a piece on WebMD and Healthline, you should never put there:


While some women like to use douches to clean their vaginas, it’s not necessary. Additionally, it can be risky since, according to “Everyday Health,” it might lead to “a serious imbalance of the usual bacteria that is designed to be in the vagina and develop an infection.”

Douching is a known contributor to pelvic inflammatory illness and bacterial vaginosis (PID). When taking a shower, washing your vulva with soap and water is the best way to keep it clean. Just be careful not to get any soap inside your vulva while doing this.


It is exactly what it sounds like, except steaming your vagina at a spa is currently very trendy. They sit on a certain type of spa in their underwear on special chairs that release steam infused with herbs while steaming their bottoms. We’ve seen some burns come from this and irritation from the various types of herbs, so I would proceed with utmost caution even if any warm treatment could feel wonderful and promote blood flow to the area. I doubt that this will have any effect at all.

Cream for whipping

We would not suggest putting it within the vagina, per “Healthline.” This content is challenging to get rid of, especially if it is evoking an emotional response. It’s acceptable to use this during sexual activity on the vulva or other parts of the body in order to experience erotica. We do not, however, advise doing so.

Don’t use vaseline.

Despite being occasionally seen as a straightforward lubricant, “Women’s Health” asserts that using Vaseline or any other petroleum-based product may result in a vaginal infection.

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