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Areas Of The Body That You Will Feel Pain If Your Blood Sugar Level Rises Above Normal



Did you know that having high blood sugar might cause you to feel pain and discomfort in some areas of your body? Although glucose (sugar) has many positive effects on cells and organs—including the brain—if it accumulates in the blood or isn’t burnt off, it can cause a number of detrimental side effects. Having a blood sugar level that’s consistently high might be painful for a lot of people.

Let us, then, consider some of the areas of the body that may hurt due to high blood sugar in light of a recent article released by the Mayoclinic. Don’t stress out while you’re gaining new knowledge.

What organs or tissues could feel discomfort if your blood sugar levels are too high?

Having high blood sugar for an extended time might cause discomfort in the legs and feet. Nerve damage in the legs and feet, brought on by persistently high blood sugar levels, is a common symptom of diabetes. If measures are not taken to control or stable blood sugar, the discomfort could worsen.

The second issue is that you can get hand discomfort. Because high blood sugar levels only affect certain regions of the body, such as the hands and legs, this is another symptom of diabetic nerve damage. If the nerves in your hands are damaged, you may experience pain, numbness, and a burning sensation. If your blood sugar is too high, you may have discomfort in your hands.

Very high blood sugar levels are associated with nerve injury, which can manifest as tingling or numbness in different regions of the body.

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