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Adesope Olajide apologises to YCee following Wizkid rap commentary episode




Adesope Olajide apologises to YCee following Wizkid rap commentary saga

UK-based Nigerian media personality and host of the Afrobeats Podcast, Adesope Olajide has apologised to Ycee following their exchange which had been an offshoot of the Wizkid Hip-hop segment.

The media personality had apologised live on air at the Cool FM studio, stating that he’d made a new realisation in light of his comments to YCee who’d reacted to Wizkid’s comments on Hip-hop and Nigerian rappers.

Recall that YCee YCee had called out Wizkid on Twitter for insulting rappers and for fueling the insult with more insults.

Adesope Olajide while making his apology noted that he shared a video of YCee being supported by Wizkid a couple years ago with the comment:”how come you’re gonna go that hard against someone that had stood out for you in the past.” 

However, he came to realise that he shouldn’t make such comment.

“So me posting a video with such a comment was almost like I threw him under the bus. And for me that was probably the most hurtful thing in the whole saga.

“I just wanna apologize to my brother YCEE who I love so much that, that wasn’t the intention, I was probably just having my own moment where I felt people that I had done so much for had come out to do certain things that didn’t warrant that and it translated itself in an action that almost flung my brother under the bus; one of the most talented people I ever met and definetly one of the best rappers in the continent. So YCEE my brother, Jagaban, I love you man I didn’t mean it that way,” he said.


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