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AAA stunning drama ensued at a wedding occasion after a man in a wheelchair was wheeled into the venue, Video Goes Viral



  • AAA stunning drama ensued at a wedding occasion after a man in a wheelchair was wheeled into the venue
  • To the surprise of some people, the man got up by himself and danced with the bride, who did not seem stunned
  • Mixed reactions have trailed the video as many doubted the condition of the man, while some opined that it was a miracle

A man in a wheelchair caused quite a stir at a wedding occasion as he appeared to regain the use of his legs.

A netizen who shared the wedding clip on TikTok marvelled that it was a miracle.

Man in wheelchair, wedding, gets up, bride
A man in a wheelchair gets up at a wedding. Photo Credit: @barbie_princesse04
Source: TikTok

In the video, the man in a wheelchair, wearing a fine suit, was wheeled into the venue by the bride. She put him at the centre and broke into a dance.

Seconds into her dancing, the man shook his body frantically and got up without being aided.


On his feet, the man joined the bride, dancing like someone who had never used a wheelchair.

Some netizens doubted the incident in the clip, saying it was not a miracle but was made up owing to how unsurprised the bride was.

Watch the video below:


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Social media reactions

Clem Mond said:

“Looool he’s a best man at his brother’s wedding…it was a surprise Old video don’t you have Instagram?”

the_stephanois_official said:

“There’s a miracle eh, but when you yourself look at it, if it doesn’t work it’s that you’re sorry.”

adladeadjidame said:

“God of miracles.”

Emmanuelle said:

“It’s an old video and he’s not disabled. He just had an ankle accident near his wedding that’s all.”

Alicia_Logan02 said:

“It’s a seance, his wife would be surprised otherwise, but I don’t deny that God is great.”

Kiiiiiiiim said:

“Wheelchair and crutches shouldn’t be a game. When it does, don’t talk about witchcraft.”

Christian 243 said:

“It’s just humor otherwise the woman was going to be very emotional if it was true.”

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