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A Young Nigerian Man Got Richer In Thousands On His Birthday Thanks To His Friends Who Showed Him Love



  • Excitedly, he shared a video showing the large amount of money that was realised from his special day
  • He poured the wads of N100 notes which were contained in a ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag on his bed as he celebrated

A young Nigerian man who recently celebrated his birthday has proudly flaunted the massive cash he realised.

In a viral TikTok video, he held up a ‘Ghana Must Go’ bag and poured out all the wads of N100 notes on his bed.

Man flaunts lots of cash he got on his birthday

Young man flaunts cash he got on his birthday.
Photo Credit: @papi_fundzSource: TikTok

He stated that the money he showcased amounted to what his friends gave him on the special day.

After scattering the notes on the bed, he grabbed some notes and threw them back down as if looking for something.

A dollar bill was seen among the sea of N100 notes. Netizens gave different advise on what he should do with the money.

blessed Sylvester said:

“So na una carry that our Moni.”

pretty Ofure said:

“The best way to bring out ur blood money is doing ur birthday before the blood money expectation date then you will post my birthday money.”

Vick said:

“Na better money you go gain like 100k yiu fit sell am 120k.”

De Marshall said:

“Who you wan empress say na birthday money Alaye.”

Berry Berry said:

“Hope you’re sure of this or na anjonu use Ghana most go bring money for you.”

Daniel said:

“Money no dey u dey show money like this e b like say dey neva nack u jazz through phone.”

@Ashantii said:

“So baba self no get cash rather he is giving u guys 100 naira mad ooh.”

Neemah said:

“Better go open pos shop.”

Meanwhile, we previously reported that a lady had gifted her boyfriend N1.5 million on his birthday.

In a clip, he is seen hugging and kissing his girlfriend as he showed off a large board that spelt out the sum she gave him.

As he celebrated with the board, a lady stepped forward and handed him a glass box containing new N500 notes.

The young man was overjoyed and kept screaming to someone in the background about what he received.

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