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A Nigerian man has shared a touching video revealing how he found and helped a sad child on the street



  • A Nigerian man has shared a touching video revealing how he found and helped a sad child on the street
  • In the video, the poor little girl was sitting on the floor by the roadside, and the young man got so emotional seeing her there
  • The good Samaritan took her to an open space outside where he changed her clothes, gave her food, water, juice and some fruits

A heartwarming video shared by a young man has melted the hearts of many on the popular app TikTok.

The emotional video revealed how he found a little black girl sitting all alone, looking sad and unkempt.

Man helps little girl by the roadside
Man helps little girl by the roadside Photo Credit: @feedmissionuganda0
Source: TikTok

In the video, the poor girl sat on the floor, and the kind man approached her to offer a helping hand. He took her to a shade, got her food, water, drink, and sweets, and changed her clothes.

According to the man, he found her on the street and decided to help her out with the little he had.


The video has attracted many comments from netizens who applauded him for his kind gestures and even offered to assist the child.

He wrote:

“I found her on the street, I helped her with the little I had.”

Social media reactions

@Kia said:

“I would like to help with an orphanage. Feeding for a day is fine, but what about tomorrow.. and her safety?”

@sharoanda davis added:

“Lord please bless this child with a safe clean place to live.”

@MelissaClyde commented:

“I could never leave her, she would be coming with me.”

@Egyptian Blu added:

“Where’s the mother or father? Did you find them? I hope you didn’t leave her.”

@DreaToomuch replied:

“She will forever remember you.”

@lori reacted:

“Adopt the child don’t leave the child alone.”

@Mainecarter511 said:

“Bless You For Your Kindness.”

@lilah wrote:

“Your so kind god bless you.”

@Antoinette Thacke475 said:

“I wish that I could have her. God Bless You and Her.”

@Cynthia Brad545 added:

“Sometimes doing things from the heart means so much more than doing from the pockets.”

@jenelleclinch1 wrote:

“Thoughts & prayers coming to you both, GOD BLESS Y’ALL BROTHER.”

@malunga Stella 2023 added:

“This is my prayers to care about orphans and widows.”

@Sam Lebron398 said:

“If you can remember the account where Jesus fed so many with so little you too can feed someone to eat till satisfied and it won’t hurt your pocket.”

@Nivi commented:

“Thank you for helping her feel like a princess.”

@Sara added:

“Your kindness god will bless you.”

@vanillacream said:

“God bless you for helping her.”

Watch the video below:

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