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7 Good Foods Every Woman Should Eat Regularly To Keep Their Vagina Healthy



7 Good Foods Every Woman Should Eat Regularly To Keep Their Vagina Healthy: You already know, ladies, that what you put inside your body affects how you feel. Your vagina is one of the many bodily organs that requires nourishment to function. A balanced diet is the best health booster, resulting in everything from beautiful skin to better nails. In a similar line, there are a number of foods that can help you take good care of your lady parts.

If a peculiar smell or itching are bothering you down south, pay attention to these popular foods that can enhance your vaginal health.

The meals listed below can assist maintain the health of your vagina:

1. Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons

If you frequently experience discharge and infections, citrus fruits may have a negative impact on the health of your vagina. The high vitamin C intake is the cause of this. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research, ascorbic acid, a vitamin C subunit, cuts the likelihood of recurring vaginal infections in half.

2. Eggs

Low levels of vitamin D have been seen in the bodies of those with poor vaginal health. As a result, they become more susceptible to infections, which finally leads to an unwell vagina. According to a study that was published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research, eating eggs is crucial if you want to control vaginal infections.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt’s probiotic microorganisms are the foundation of the entire product. Greater immunity is encouraged, and intestinal health is preserved. The pH balance of your vagina is restored, reducing dryness, irritation, and bad odors.

You’ll be glad to know that a study published in the Archives of Family Medicine discovered that consuming 150 ml of yogurt daily helped prevent both candidal and bacterial vaginosis.

4. Fish

Omega-3 is yet another ally you need for your vagina. Do you know that eating fish and other foods high in omega-3 fatty acids can help ward off endometriosis? This assertion is made by none other than the Oxford journal Human Reproduction.

5. Broccoli

You need broccoli, whether you like it or not, to get your vaginal health back. That’s because it has a lot of flavonoids, which your body requires in big amounts as antioxidants. According to research published in the International Journal of Cancer, eating broccoli may significantly improve your chances of preventing ovarian cancer. That should be sufficient motivation to consume a substantial serving of broccoli every day.

6. Green tea

The polyphenolic catechins in green tea are effective at killing the E. coli bacteria, which can result in UTIs. Green tea’s caffeine also helps to lessen PMS symptoms.

7. ​Apples

Women who consume an apple every day claim to have enhanced sexual health, including increased sex satisfaction, arousal, and orgasmic ability, according to a study written up in Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

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