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6 Things your finger nails says about your health.



Your finger nails says a lot of things about your health by revealing if you have some problems in your liver, lungs, and heart. The natural color and shape of your nails could change in response to the health condition. A verified health site, Webmd shared the things.

Pale Nails


1. Pale Nails.

Pale nails could occur due to anemia, heart disease, kidney disease or poisoning. The nails could be partially or completely looking pale.


White Nails


2. White Nails.

This could occur due to liver problems like hepatitis. Your nails will tend to be white with darker rims.

Yellow Nails

3. Yellow Nails.

This occurs due to a fungal infection, thyroid disease, lung disease, diabetes or psoriasis.

Rippled NailsView pictures in App save up to 80% data.

4. Rippled Nails.

This type of nails indicate psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis in a person. Discoloration of the nail will occur thereby causing a reddish brown color beneath.

Cracked or Split Nails


5.Cracked or Split Nails.

This could occur due to thyroid disease and it could give room for fungal infection.

Puffy Nail Fold

6.Puffy Nail Fold.

This is a condition that leads to swelling and redness of the skin around your nails. It could be caused by fungal infections or psoriasis.

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