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6 Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift



6 Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift:

1. You read from your dreams regularly.

We are in a state of being at risk while asleep, so dreams are an easy place for us to get messages. If you are a person who often remembers your dreams, don’t take them lightly. Write them down in a journal to see if anything works. The more open you are to getting lessons and guidance about sleep, the more you will come to that form.

2. You have ideas – and they always come true.

This can be a scene, a feeling you get when you talk to someone, or just a vague image that comes to mind at any moment. For example, suppose you are going out of your way and suddenly feel uncomfortable as a picture of danger emerging from your head. It would be a good idea to use a different route than usual or wait until you feel safe to take that drive to work.

3. You have a habit of bathing 4 in the morning.

You think you get up in the morning to go to the toilet every morning, but it may be something else. In some spiritual realms, waking up between 3 and 4 in the morning is considered a great sign that the spirits are trying to contact you.

4. Bad dreams keep you deep and twisted.

Children are thought to be the ones among us who know the spirit world (which is why all those who are “imagining” friends!), So it is not surprising that they always have nightmares. When we sleep, we experience a state of mind similar to the way we did when we were young. If there are ghosts out there trying to reach you, they may first try to wake you up gently, as I said in the last article, but if they don’t do the trick, they can go back to nightmares.

5. He is very compassionate.

Sometimes, the feelings we have are not ours but those of someone we know. We can even take on other people’s feelings and pain. For example, in the past, I had so much pain in my side that I thought I could go to the hospital.

6. You have strong intuition.

When I ask people a question, I always answer in my head before I hear them answer. Some people hear voices. Some feel the thought come to mind, and others feel the answer in their hearts. It doesn’t matter how the messages come to you; what matters is that you know them. When vague thoughts enter your mind or words that you have spoken, listen. Do not brush your teeth.

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