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3 Ways People with HIV Can Live Healthy Without Falling Sick Regularly



3 Ways People with HIV Can Live Healthy Without Falling Sick Regularly: Individuals have long associated HIV with death, but is it still so dangerous? In fact, for those who are positive who are not treated in the same way, HIV has always been dangerous.

It is easy to make the mistake of thinking that someone is HIV-negative because they look healthy as a fish, but don’t make that mistake: there are people who have been living with HIV for a long time and still look healthy, even if they don’t.

According to ambajay, there are three reasons why people can be infected with HIV without getting sick as a result

1. healthy lifestyle.

A healthy life requires good eating habits.

A healthy diet is very good for your overall health. There are several benefits of a healthy diet

It provides the energy and supplements needed to fight HIV and other infections. Helps maintain a healthy weight; prevents side effects and complications from HIV infection. Develops additional drug binding and controls the expected consequences.

2. clinical latency.

During this phase, infections are replicated but at very low levels. People in this phase do not experience fatigue or side effects. This stage is also referred to as prolonged HIV infection.

Without HIV treatment, people can remain in this stage for 10 or 15 years, but some people pass through this stage much more quickly.

3. do not delay HIV treatment

If you take your HIV medicines as recommended and keep your viral load undetectable, you can live a long and healthy life without passing HIV on to your HIV-negative roommate.

If the viral load is undetectable, the person’s status is almost the same as an HIV-negative person, as there is no chance of passing HIV to others. Treatment should not be stopped regardless of whether the viral load is no longer detected.

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