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2023: “How I Plan To Fix Flooding If Elected President” – Peter Obi Reveals



Peter Obi, LP’s presidential candidate, declared Wednesday that if elected president in 2023, he would address the flooding problem plaguing the nation.


Peter Obi, LP’s presidential candidate, declared Wednesday that if elected president in 2023, he would address the flooding problem plaguing the nation.


He added that the majority of his supporters and the “Obidient” movement’s proponents were Nigerians who were furious about the deplorable status of their country and were calling for change.

In a recent interview with Arise TV, Obi stated that the flooding issue might be resolved by forecasting rainfall and dredging significant rivers to contain the water.

What will I do to stop this deluge, he asked? I have a number of things I need to complete. There is the Lagdo Dam issue, although even the minister stated that the flooding was not caused by the dam but rather by the rain.

“However, if you look at the average rainfall for the previous 20 years, starting in 2001, it has stayed the same, indicating that it is predictable.


However, we have refused to dredge some rivers, which is the problem. The Rivers Benue and Niger need to be dredged from Baro, Niger State, all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

However, there is currently no way to contain this outflow, and tributaries are contributing to the issue as well. The rivers are no longer making the necessary contributions to our economy. These are the actions we need to do in order to control this.

Why Obidients are upset and demand change

The Labour Party candidate for president also claimed that the majority of the “Obidient” movement’s supporters were Nigerians who were outraged by the deplorable status of their country and sought change.

He claimed that this clarified the basis for some of them’s combative behavior on social media.

While some of the uncivilized social media behavior by the so-called followers has originated from opposing camps that frequently pose as his supporters to commit indecency, according to him, some of the strong opinions expressed by his followers have come from a place of distress and deep hurt due to the despicable state of affairs in the country.

I’ve responded to this countless times, Obi said. First, there is opposition infiltration, and there are irate supporters of mine. I’ve been a loyal servant to others. Never once have I yelled at someone.

“You can’t claim that since your son yells at people, it’s your fault. Even though I’m pleading with them, some of them are irate. Some of them haven’t attended school in ten years and are currently jobless. You are powerless over their rage. I’m limited to making an appeal.

Obi stated that historical precedents of the presidential candidates should be crucial in determining who would carry out his campaign promises when asked how he intended to follow through on them, especially in light of the fact that all the other presidential candidates had made comparable promises.

He pointed out that the All Progressives Congress, which is currently in power, had made a number of promises to Nigerians that had not yet been kept.

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