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2023: Ex-beauty queen Esther Gabriel charges Nigerians to vote right leader



Tomorrow, Nigerians will go to the polls to elect a new president, and Esther Gabriel, a well-known Nigerian beauty queen and philanthropist, has urged voters to choose candidates who have a track record of turning around their country’s fortunes.

In a post on her Instagram page, Nigeria’s delegate to the 2021 Miss Globe World finale stated that the country has been mismanaged by previous leaders, calling for reformation and immediate action to elect visionary, committed, and capable leadership.

“In the past, we have allowed tribalism, blind loyalty, selfishness religious extremism and sentimentalism take away our democratic rights and power. And in turn deny ourselves the right to freedom, safety, employment and every opportunity we deserve to enjoy as citizens.

“We ruined our land and made it unlivable for ourselves and thereafter run away to places we felt are better and safer than ours.

“Nigeria as a country has all it takes to be great. Nigeria has everything it takes to give her citizens all that they need to live. But sadly her citizens kept denying themselves that right and opportunity through their political actions and decision.

“Now, here is another opportunity another chance to right our wrongs and make an informed and unbiased decision”.

Concerned about the tendency of few who may be interested to vote along tribe and religious line, the founder Ogechikanma foundation, issued a warning, “This is the time as Nigerians ,to make the decision to either free ourselves from the shackles or continue to live in bondage .

“Remember hunger and insecurity doesn’t care about tribe or religion. Vote wisely, Vote right”, she added.

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