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Women: Benefits Of Applying Cabbage On Your Breasts



According to “Mayoclinic”, Cabbage leaves have been used to cure engorgement, mastitis, and obstructed ducts for a long time. The leaves are thought to lessen swelling and remove extra fluid from the tissue of the mammary glands.

Before utilizing cabbage leaves, they must be cleaned and dried. Make sure they completely encapsulate the mammary gland while they’re inside your bra. Safety pins or tape can be used to keep them in place. Keep the cabbage leaves in place for a few hours, if you can.

Some women find that their mammary glands feel less engorged after just a few minutes, while others might need to leave the cabbage leaves in place for a longer period. If the cabbage leaves are bothersome for you, you may always remove them.

There is no evidence that eating cabbage leaves is unhealthy, not even if you are pregnant or nursing. If you have any questions, it is important to see your healthcare provider before using any home remedies.

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