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Men Here’s How to use mango leave and guava leave to treat weakness in bed naturally




1) Mango leaves are employed in TCM due to their medicinal and therapeutic characteristics. Vitamins C, B, and A can all be found in healthy amounts in mango leaves. The leaves’ antibacterial qualities come from the high levels of flavonoids and phenol they contain.


Juice made from guava leaves is a tasty addition to other herbal beverages like chamomile and fennel teas. Sweet guava leaves are loaded with healthy nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and unique antioxidants. There are several positive health effects from this substance.


Older men are more likely to be young, although men of any age might be affected by bed rest. Sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction, and sexual dysfunction are the three most frequent symptoms of a sexual dysfunction disorder. It is possible to address these issues by addressing their origins.


I don’t think you’d want to know how things turn out if you could help it. Put some new mango and gowa leaves in a bowl.

Using cold running water, thoroughly rinse ten guava leaves and ten mango leaves.


Split a cup in half and fill it with 12 glasses of water. Put in the oven for 3 minutes at medium heat.

When the water evaporates, add the washed mango leaves and continue cooking for another 5 minutes, or until the leaves are tender. Filter the water to get rid of any leaves, then fill the container.

Size: Two tablespoons and a half a cup per day makes a full cup.

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