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2 Possible Things That Stops Poisons From Killing You quickly



2 Possible Things That Stops Poisons From Killing You quickly: Low-cost anti-poison remedies available in your area, Secondly, a home remedy for toxin prevention. Unfortunately, there has been an uptick in deaths associated with poisoning from foods, substances, and drugs.

Every day, people lose their lives because of the animosity and jealousy of the people they consider to be their closest friends and family members. Indeed, this is a tragic and horrible development.

I recently learned that a woman was poisoned by a buddy who had just told her she had received an expensive Apple phone as a present. Sadly, the friend she confided in enough to poison her was overcome with envy and misfortune when she learned of her good fortune.

We can only pray that we are surrounded by nice individuals who show their affection for us with more than just words.

If you agree that the advice in this article is valuable, please forward it to your loved ones.

Even while it’s impossible to fully prepare for every contingency, we can do what we can and pray that God would continue to deliver us from our enemies.

Here, then, are two effective anti-poisons. They have been available for quite some time, but many people either aren’t aware of them or don’t feel the need to take precautions by keeping them on hand in case of need. Those things are:

1) Activated charcoal (I am going to teach you how to turn your firewood into an anti poison that can save your life)

A nut called kola that has a bitter taste.

There are only two natural anti-poison remedies, and you can get them for very cheap.

If you don’t have any cash on hand, however, you can easily and stress-freely make one for yourself.

Here is how anti poisons work:

If you take a dangerous chemical, or drug, all you have to do is to instantly swallow either bitter kola or activated charcoal to neutralize and stop the effect of the toxin. Personally, I like activated charcoal.

These anti poisons or antidotes operate by blocking the poisons from entering into your blood, because poisons can only carry out their lethal effects when they get into your blood stream and then to your essential organs such as your heart, kidney, lungs, liver etc.

These chemicals (bitter kola and activated charcoal are named) are called adsorbents. They absorb the Poisonous compounds in your gut (intestines) and expel or flush them out of your body.

Here is how to produce your own activated charcoal:

All you need are:

1.Charcoal and

2. lemon juice

1. Get charcoal from burnt wood and wash them.

Second, put the powdered charcoal in a dish (ideally one made of glass).

2b.Finally, strain the crushed charcoal

In a large bowl, combine the juice of six lemons with six cups of water and set aside.

4. Make sure your charcoal is mixed up.

5. Combine the powdered charcoal and lemon juice to form a paste.

Six, leave undisturbed for a full day.

24 hours later, once the charcoal and lemon juice mixture has been boiled for 3 hours, the odor should have dissipated.

Charcoal can only be used after being boiled to release its absorbing properties.

Remove the charcoal by filtering the mixture, then let the remaining residue dry.

After it has dried, put it in a sealed container.

Use half to one teaspoon of activated charcoal in a glass of water, and consume.

For this reason, anti-poison remedies like activated charcoal and bitter kola should be kept on hand at all times, so that they may be rapidly administered in the event of a poisoning emergency. Since we have no idea what will happen, you could very well be saving your own life by helping out.

Consequently, after reading this, either collect firewood and create your own anti-poisons or go out and purchase some.

You only get one shot at life; enjoy it and don’t let anyone rob you of it.

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