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11 Things You Are Doing Wrong When You Shower



As a regular part of our lives, taking a shower may appear to be a simple and uncomplicated task. However, many experts believe that there are a number of things that we do incorrectly that are harmful to our epidermis and health. Here are eleven things you are doing wrong in the shower.



Bathing for too long: While a long bath may be relaxing, it can also be harmful to the epidermis. Hot water depletes the skin’s natural lipids, causing irritation, dryness, and even eczema.

Excessive showering can cause dryness and damage to the protective barrier of the epidermis. Experts recommend taking showers as rapidly as possible and on separate days whenever possible.

3.Failure to use the ideal water temperature: Lukewarm water is the ideal temperature for a shower. Hot water can cause skin damage, while frigid water can cause pores to constrict, leaving skin feeling dry and tight.


4. Using harsh soaps: Soaps with high pH levels, fragrances, and chemicals can intentionally damage the protective barrier of the epidermis. Look for detergents with minimal ingredients, such as glycerin or oats.

5. Insufficient rinsing: Leaving soap or shampoo on the epidermis can lead to infection and dryness. Ensure a thorough rinsing with tepid water.

Excessive scrubbing with a loofah or scrubber can cause microscopic tears in the skin, which can contribute to infection and inflammation. Instead, rub the pores of the epidermis in a circular motion.



7. Utilising a soiled bath towel: Towels, especially when wet, can harbour bacteria and germs. Wash linens frequently and allow them to dry completely between uses.

8. Not moisturising after a shower: Because the skin is most absorbent after a shower, this is the optimal time to apply moisturiser. To protect and soothe the complexion, look for a fragrance-free, lightweight moisturiser.

Sweat and microorganisms can accumulate on the skin after exercise, resulting in acne and skin irritation. After exercise, you must take a shower and launder your workout attire.

Using hot water on your hair can cause it to become brittle and dried. To promote shine and seal the cuticle, use lukewarm water followed by a cold rinse.


Shower covers protect hair from exposure to water and steam, which can cause frizz and damage. When washing or bathing, protect your tresses by wearing a bathing cap.

In conclusion, taking a shower may appear to be a straightforward task, but there are numerous mistakes we make that can harm our skin and health. We can keep our pores, skin, and hair healthy and radiant by adhering to these suggestions and implementing good washing practises.

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